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Easy Uniform Switch


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Already the great modders have developed some really neat alternate uniforms, and I'm sure more are to come.

I would like a simple tool to work outside of the game that would allow users to quickly switch between modified uniforms.

I have been doing this manually by (1) saving the old uniform file in a backup folder, (2) re-naming the uniform file that I want to use as that of the slot I want it to be used in.

This mod should be relatively simple to set up -- basically it's an Explorer macro with a user interface. Functionally, it would allow users to switch out uniforms quickly into each slot.

For extra-special awesome, allow users to see the uniforms they are swapping.

Would definitely need a "Reset to Default" option as well.

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I found this tool when I was playing Silent Hunter 3 years ago. It's worked with every single game I've tried it on. It does require some end user set up but it is real easy after you've done it a few times.

Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler

I'm giving it a try. Looks like it's going to take a long time to learn this to the point that I can switch unis out faster.

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It's really easy for this game in particular. It won't take you more than 5 minutes to get comfortable.

Drop the installer into your mlb2k10 root directory.

Mine is:

D:\Program Files\2K Sports\MLB 2K10


Double click on jsgme_setup.exe

After it installs, double click on JSGME.exe

It will create a MODS folder in your game directory. Exit the program.

Now make a sub directory for each mod in the MODS directory like below:


Each sub directory will contain the modded files. The file path has to match. MLB2k10 doesn't have a ton of sub directories so it's an easy game to set this up for. Just one folder for each mod.

As you can see I have the 360 overlay, an ESPN overlay, and all of my Stadiums in one directory. Next step is to launch JSGME.exe


Select the mod to activate on the left, click the left arrow to activate it. Select the mod to deactivate on the right, click on the right arrow to deactivate. Click on the double right arrow to deactivate all the mods at once. Once you are finished hit the close button and launch the game. It's that easy.

Cautions on using this program:

1. Make sure you deactivate all mods prior to any official patches.

2. Also use caution when activating mods that modify the same file. It will use the last one activated and you must deactivate them one at a time in this case or you might have to reinstall the game to get the original files back.

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