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A Couple Of Issues...


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Hello all,

Couple of issues I'm having with this game, and I would really appreciate any help you could offer.

The main issue is that in the control hitting drill, and also in a quick game, when using my Xbox 360 wired controller the batter instantly swings without any input from myself. The control scheme is at default, and I tried changing 'set batter' to be button 9 (i.e. click left stick) but to no real avail. Occasionally I can hold the set batter button and swing normally, but mainly he just instantly swings, resulting in very early swings. I have difficulty in getting him to set; in that the player stands still and doesn't swing unless I make the gesture with right stick. Am I missing something obvious here?

By default, it seems to be that holding down on the right stick sets the batter, but wouldn't this remove the power swing functionality? This also does not seem to work for me, doing nothing and holding down prior to swinging both result in this annoying 'auto swing'. Would you reckon this is a problem with my controller/the game? I'm on Vista Home 64 Bit, if that has any relevance-by looking around it seems that possibly the game does not like some control systems. The game plays smoothly at max, and the controller works fine in other games. Seems like I might be waiting for this fabled patch, but it would be great if I could sort this out now.

Thanks all!

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I have done more poking online, and came across this thread:


However, I cannot edit the controller setting in game using the gamepad, which I think needs to be done once at least to tie that profile to the controller, as I understand it. Since I need to use the mouse/keyboard to change the configuration of the gamepad, it stops the controller working so I cannot change anything, nor can I sort this problem out!

Any ideas? Thanks.

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