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KSM Data file.........


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I just installed the KSM Data file 9+ on my pc last night and I played 4 games following this. There was reoccuring problem in all four games that I lost. NONE of the players were able to field a ground ball hit their way?! I thought at first that I was like missing the timing getting to the ball but then I started watching replays and I was right! They were missing them, no matter how slow the ball came to them, even beat right through the wickets?!

I've surfed this forum and I noticed that there were a few more members with the same concerns. There has not been any response to the same matter, can I get some help?


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Auto fielding, but I find that it almost removes you from the game experience unless you like the management mode (at least until you get the ball in your hands). It was the only time the players played the ball correctly. Or you have to get the players glove directly in front of the ball. ( I tried this a few times and hand minimal success. That could be with this file is all about. But I found it too difficult on the eyes to track down a little white dot all the times. And it never helps with the changing of camera angles and speed of the ball). The ESPN datefile (for me) is very good and quite similar to the current KSM file. Or you might want to try the 8.4?? I can't remember if there was a similar scenario with that file either??

My beef is that when the game is close, the last thing I wanna see happening to me is, losing on a ground ball going through my outfielders legs?!

I'm sorry I couldn't give a solid answer on this one.

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