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MVP Baseball 2005 Batter Rating Calculator


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File Name: MVP Baseball 2005 Batter Rating Calculator

File Submitter: DylanBradbury

File Submitted: 21 Jun 2007

File Updated: 27 Jun 2011

File Category: Tools and Editors

Version: 20.0

<a href="http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=36068&st=0&p=545532&#entry545532" target="_blank">Official thread is here.</a>

All you need to do is fill in the necessary statistics, and the program will calculate the batter's ratings, for MVP Baseball 2005.

This tool now has the highly sought-after import/export to file feature. This allows for mass rating generation.

Here are what the abbreviations stand for:

AB: At bats

2B: Doubles

3B: Triples

HR: Home Runs

RBI: Runs batted in

BB: Walks (Base on Balls)

SO: Strike Outs

SB: Stolen Bases

CS: Caught stealing

GDP: Ground into double play

HBP: Hit-by-pitch

SH: Sacrifice Hits

SF: Sacrifice Flies

IBB: Intentional Walks

Stats can be found at Baseball-Reference.com, which you can find a link to in the program.


Please read the readme and follow the instructions. </i>


-Dylan <img src="http://newradicals.17.forumer.com/images/smiles/newradicals/biggrin.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" />

==Version History==

Version 20 **CURRENT VERSION**

- New bunting and steal aggressiveness formulae.

- Fixed bug where if a batter had no walks in the Import/Export mode, it would crash.

Version 19.4

- I created a brand new speed formula. Really digged the result. Also, if you're interested in 2010 speed ratings, click here.

Version 19.3

- Fixed a bug that prevented the exportation of righty hot zones. If anyone noticed, it was exporting only lefty HZ's but calling them righty.

- Improved split estimation.

- Improved split estimation.

Version 19.2

- Added a name check in the csv generator.

- There was a bug in the HR% formula. Fixed it.

- Baseball-Reference added minor league handiness to a player's name (# or *) which meant I had to update the CSV generator (as of March 10th 2010)

Version 19.0

- Reverts back to MLB on reset

- Improved the GB/FO/LD/HR% formula

- Improved the split estimation formula

- Ver19.1 fixed a small bug where the FO% vs. left wasn't displayed on screen

Version 18.0

- Improved the platoon split estimation in both the actual interface, and in the inputBatting Generator spreadsheet

- Fixed a bug where the GB/FO/LD/HR% wasn't calculated correctly

Version 17.0

- Fixed a bug with right-handed batters' platoon split estimation

- Added platoon split estimation in the Batter Rating Caluclator window NEW!

Version 16.0

- Added the <b>import/export to file feature</b>NEW!

- Included inputBatting Generator.csv to generate inputBatting.csv NEW!

- Added batter tendancies (i.e., Spray chart info, Groundball vs. R%, Chase/Take/Miss, etc.) NEW!

- Fixed a few bugs pertaining to HotZones and bench-player penalties

Click here to download this file

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