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Modding Portraits


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I have msg'd a couple of the top-notch modders about this, but I also wanted to ask in general -

Have and of you written or seen a decent entry-level guide to portrait editing for MLB 2k12? I imagine 2k11 and 2k10 have similar processes but I'm not certain. I have all the tools required like TiT, ModTool, and several others. I also have GIMP for image editing, but all I want to do is update portrait pics. By that I mean replace either a cyberface used for portrait or update a player with a current team portrait.

I have access to current roster pics from team sites, but the biggest problem I'm having with that is the image size is not 256x256 like 2k12 uses in game, so when I convert pics they get squished. I've tried work-arounds for it, but I think I'm missing something really obvious. If I can get it working right I intend to do a NL portrait update as of post-season play. Thanks

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