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Well Folks, Is This It? No More Pc Baseball?


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please tell me how in your opinion it could be possible to import rosters into a running franchise?

how? there is no way for it.


you have a running franchise which contains FAs + 30 franchises which consist of 4 teams. this means you got 120 teams including all their players and the FAs. in this franchise the teams play games and the stats from the played games are written into their statistical overviews.

how should it be possible to import a new roster into this running franchise? everything would be screwed up. stats, scores, teams, rosters.

that is not possible and honestly it doesn't make sense either.

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Importing a roster makes a ton of sense to me. In fact, it would be one way to to allow you to play the 2013 schedule next year instead of having to start in 2012. You could sim through 2012, then overlay the 2013 roster over your franchise at the start of the 2013 season and have correct team rosters, ratings and 2012 historical stats.

If the import simply updated players to be on the correct teams, changed their ratings, and brought in the historical information in the roster file it would be great. As updated rosters came out during the season you could keep you franchise rosters current with reality. As long as the roster file historical data ended in 2012, it wouldn't mess up any of your 2013 (or beyond) data..

I run my franchise in parallel with the real season and only play the current season and then start a new franchise the next year. So of all the mod suggestions I've seen, this would be the most valuable one for me.

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it makes no sense. what to do you do with the stats that already took place in your franchise? every result that took place from MLB to A would make problems. it ONLY would make sense when you would play your franchise 100% parallel to real mlb. if you were only ONE day behind or in front of real mlb everything could be screwed statswise. that makes no sense, period. importing a roster would negate so much things (e.g. trades, contract extensions, stats, etc.) that I do have to state that it's not worth to risk such problems.

it would make sense to you in terms of "yeah I would like to have this feature". but in terms of "does it really make sense programing wise?" ... no it doesn't. and that is why there was not only one popular game in the last few years that featured importing rosters in running savegames. to use the newest roster you always have to start a new season/franchise/whatever. and if you think about it I think you will agree.

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Well guys, prepare for us to play 2K12 (plus MVP 2005) for some more time. The only console game available is the Show and that's made by Sony, so there's no way non-PS3 users (like me) are getting a good console baseball game.

I really hope EA Sports gets the license back. I understand that they have to work on other franchises (Madden, FIFA, all big titles that EA will never abandon), but please, do us all a favor, please get the license back! Well, at least PC users can mod the game, but for 360 users, they're left in the dark.

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