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Pictures In Mlb 2K12


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Hi all,

I've a question about my MLB 2K12. I'm from Holland, so my English is not very good. Excuse for that.

I'm making the WBC-team of The Netherlands in MLB 2K12, and I'm close to finish that. But I've 1 problem that I can't solve, and I hope you can help me.

I have pictures from all the players in .PNG formats and in .DDS formats. That are pictures that you can see in the game when you have a new pitcher on the mount, and his statistics will come in the screen. You can see the pictures too when you look at the scorebord in the stadium while you're hitting. It are just pictures from the players.

But I can't figure out how I put that pictures in the game so I can see them while I'm playing a match. I see a lot of .IFF formats in the main folder of MLB 2K12, so I think I need that formats, but how do I do that, and, on the second place, How do I get them onto the right player in the game?

I hope you can help me with this problem.

Thanks a lot,


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