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Editing Columns In Reditor?


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Is there a way to set all of a column top on down to the same thing? For instance with the schedule it has 2013 but for it to show in game it has to be 2012 and that is ALOT to edit. Any help would be great, thanks!!

So nobody is using TURK? No wonder I can't get my questions about its IF statements answered. :)

Here's a script that will do what you want. Open Notepad in the SCRIPTS subdirectory of your REDITOR II directory, copy and paste this text into it, save it, then call it from the TURK tab in REDITOR after you've loaded the Franchise you want. (Replace "Schedule_Actual" with "Schedule_Cur" or whichever schedule you want to change.)


vay yapali Schedact2012; !!choose a name suitable for which schedule/year you want to change

{Set the entire column of Schedule_Actual Year to 2012}


i: int; !!Cycle variable


i valli 0 ran Schedule_Actual_Num - 1 taran tu !!Here we cycle through all the entries


Schedule_Actual.Year 2012 := ; !!Setting the year to what we want



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