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Experience With Tit2K10?


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Is there anyone with experience with the total installer thingy and creating portraits? I have followed a few tutorials exactly as they have said but for some reason the portraits even when assigned id #'s not in use still don't show up and i've been at this the past 4 hours yet still have bot been able to figure out how to get these portraits in the game, is this tool not work anymore?

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"For creating new portraits its very very easy. Just save the dds with the target portrait id as a name, for example, 1905.dds. Then run the tool called portrait-builder that comes with TiT select the folder where the dds files are and you'll get with a file called mlb2k10.7z install that file with TiT and that's it."

So I did that, I change the portrait_id value to .0007 since that is what I was trying to use for this player, I go into game and there is no portrait for the player? Anyone know what i'm doin wrong?

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