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Changing Uni Appearance


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Hello out there. I love MLB 2k12 and have decided to try modding but I have ran into a problem. Here is my situation I downloaded a Cleveland Indians red uniform but I don't like the red pants so I wanted to copy the white pants. I have been using the jersey tutorial as a guide. Everything mods fine using Photoshop CS2 and even looks good when I convert it back to the .iff using the NBA 2KX Mod tool. I just copy the .iff back to the MLB 2k12 folder and run the game. The problem is the colors bleed like in this case the red is bleeding through and showing white patches and at times when viewing a distance shot I see no white pants at all only red. I am assuming the original code or color mask has not been completely erased. Have I missed something? Does anyone have a solution to correct this or better instruction? thank you.

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