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Dynasty Bugs And Stats Help


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I have played dynasty mode without any problems. I had no problem installing the latest patch that gets rid of the "have to set computer date back to August 1st" problem.

But I know of no way to start in 2013 historical stats wth the game as it is. I think you'd have to start in 2012 and let the game sim 2012 and THEN start in 2013.

THAT said, there is a guy named Vlad_Zola_Jr who has written a very in-depth editor for MLB2k12. Look in the MOD PREVIEWS forum for his REDITOR II thread. I'm disappointed that his scripting language seemss to have a serious problem that no here has been able to address, and that he's a student so response-time is sometimes lagging. BUT, several people here seem to like his editor and it may be able to do what you want.

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