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Wrong Home Stadium For Frisco Roughriders


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My player has been delegated to AA ball with the Frisco RoughRiders. I notice that when we play home games we are in a stadium that looks like it has a generic "Green Monster" wall in left field.

To make matters worse, the Corpus Cristi AA team plays its home games at Frisco's home field (Dr. Pepper ballpark) while we are stuck with "The Monster". How do I get the field, that Corpus Cristi plays at, to be Frisco's home field? The Dr. Pepper stadium mod, here at mvpmods, even has a Frisco RoughRider banner in the seating for all to see when we are the visiting team. Guess the field owner is a Frisco fan deep down - lol. Any help on changing my AA home field would greatly be appreciated.


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Just thought I'd let you know that I found out how to change Frisco's home field (it was generic field 01).

When I renamed the Dr. Pepper field mod's name to the generic field name I got the Frisco's correct home field with real sponsors (WOOHOO!!!).

However, the field looked like someone took a Sharpie marker and tagged the outfield fence, tarps, and roofs of the bleachers (BUMMER!!!)


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