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Mystery Box On Roster Editor?


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What is the value box to the right of the jersey name on the player general tab?

I have a rouge player I can not get off my team no matter what and he is a double player that shows up on any other team I move him to but stays on my Mets roster. Even tried putting him on the DL.

He is however, the only player with a number in that box that can not be edited.

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I don't know what that box is to he right of the jersey name is. You're referring to Ty's editor, right?

1) Have you tried this: In Ty's editor, zero out all the player's Contract fields. Then, in game, go to GM, MANAGE ROSTERS, ROSTER, BUTTON 2 on the player, and then RELEASE PLAYER.

2) If that doesn't work, try giving the player a name and all other stats in Ty's editor, the retry the above.

3) If THAT doesn't work, try going into Ty's editor; choose your team; select that player; then in the TEAM field under the GENERAL tab, enter a team you want to stick with this loser. (I suggest a low minor team.) You may first have to go to that team and release someone so that the target team only has 24 payers before you try the move.

I've had a problem similar to the one you describe here or in your post below about getting stuck with a pitcher from Houston's draft. I don't remember the steps I used t fix it, but I *did* get it fixed. i think you might have the best luck if you FIRST get rid of the player on whatever other team he is on. "Get rid of" is probably best defined as using Ty's editor, uncheck the NAMES LOCKED box, give the guy on that OTHER team an unused name, zeroing out his contract in Ty's editor, then going ingame and releasing him from that other team.

*** In other words, if the player iss currently on two teams, do step 1) above to that player on the OTHER team first, then do it to the guy on your team, realizing that you may have to rename him. ****

Sorry to sound so confusing. GOOD LUCK!

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