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Total Installer Thingy Error - "Cannot delete the output file"


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So, just joined the forums.  Decided to bust out MLB 2K12 after awhile since there aren't a lot of other options on the PC.  Anyway, was going through the process of updating rosters and portraits and things.  I downloaded BSUFAN's roster, and scottybilly's portrait pack.  Watched raidersbball's tutorial on Youtube about how to install the portrait packs, went through the steps with the NBA Tool fine.  But when it gets time to use the Total Installer Thingy, I get an error.

Specifically, I'll install it, select my install directory for MLB 2K12, and then I'll select the portraits.7z file, and it pops up with a message asking if I'd like to replace a portraits file located in the Install sub-directory of the Total Installer Thingy's install directory, with a different portraits file.  I click 'Yes to All' and it tells me it cannot delete the output file, and then gives the path to the portraits file in the Install sub-directory for the total installer thingy.  I also tried clicking No, and the installer just fails to do anything, giving another error.

I've verified I have the latest MS C++ Redistributable, I've tried running the tool as Administrator, I tried re-downloading the files in case they were corrupted, I searched the net for this specific error and got nothing.  I really don't know what to try at this point.  I'm running Windows 7, 64-bit, and my version of MLB 2K12 is the Steam version.  Any ideas?

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