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Inside Edge for user batting? (Play Now mode)


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Hey guys. I'm currently using the 2K15 mod, and I've noticed that in Play Now mode there isn't any Inside Edge info for my hitters when batting, including Hot/Cold zones in the strikezone window. I usually set Inside Edge to First Pitch Only, but I've also tried switching it to All Pitches and still nothing. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not sure whether maybe I'm missing a game file, or if Hot/Cold zones were omitted from the new mod. Since I usually play with a different team each time and I like to be selective and hunt for good pitches to hit, I never know if where I'm looking might be a cold zone and result in weak contact.

Another thing I've notcied is, if I swing and miss at a pitch in a hot or cold zone, it will display the color but only AFTER the pitch is delivered. While that does help me remember where to look the second or third time through the order, it gives the opposing starter a fairly strong advantage because I'm rarely able to get any offense going until the 4th or 5th inning, causing his confidence and pitch values to be too high to overcome (especially if the opposing team knocks in a few runs early). Kind of frustrating when guys like Aaron Harang can throw five innings of no-hit ball each time he goes out...



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