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Fantasy Blue Jays Dynasty


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Just started playing this game and did my own fantasy draft, gonna start playing soon.

This is using the llcmac-HypnoxXxVer3.2 rosters.


1. Marcus Giles 2B

2. Miguel Tejada SS

3. Hank Blalock 3B

4. Vladimir Guerrero RF

5. Justin Morneau 1B

6. Alex Rios LF

7. Frank Catalanotto DH (personal fave, had to have him on the team)

8. Grady Sizemore CF

9. Guillermo Quiroz C

Bench: Prince Fielder, Joey Gaithright, Greg Zaun, Alex Gonzalez (the former Marlin... not the Jays/Cubs one)


1. Oliver Perez

2. Rich Harden

3. Brandon Backe

4. Jeremy Bonderman

5. David Bush

Bullpen: Kirk Saarloos, Juan Rincon, Mota, Affeldt Closer: Wagner

I really wish they could somehow program the fantasy drafting better. Every year in every game you have the computer drafting a lot of the older players in early rounds. Now some of them are clearly good but you still wouldn't see this happening in real life for the purposes of a franchise dynasty.

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Won my first game 7-3. Got a lucky "red" changeup that I was sitting on for a HR by Miggy.

The DRays in my league have Santana, Mulder and Mussina pitching against me in the first 3 games. Not a bad staff there.

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