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Does my Cardinals Owner mode have any chance of life


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Hello everyone. I know there have been many posts here about Owner Mode and I've looked at almost all of them just recently. I wanted to put what my season looks like so far and whats left to see if anyone can see something I'm missing to help me have some money in the bank come the end of the year. I'm playing this on PS2. I'm only in my first season.

St. Louis Cardinals- Salary $57 million

YTD Income(-) -10,541,228 Expected (-) -18,626,696

Bank (-) 5,541,042

My Revenue before games is $100,164

My Exspenses are $374,318

Leaving me starting $-274,154

I usually make about $200,000 a home game.

My fan happiness is at 3 right now and my record is 70-11

Here is what I have.

Concession Stands

Ice Cream 3/4

Pizza 1/4

Popcorn 1/4

Peanuts 1/4


Record Breakers



Ballpark Upgrades

Restaurant Level 2

Costs and % sold

Tickets Sold

$25 Lower Deck 85-90% sold a game avg

$15 Upper Deck 80-85% sold a game avg

Concessions Sold

Pizza $5.50 34-35% a game

Popcorn $6.50 18% a game

Peanuts $5.50 a game

Ice Cream $6.50 10-11% a game

Store Items Sold

Lettered Jerseys $180 23% a game

Plain Jerseys $120 24-25% a game

Retro Jerseys $230 23-24% a game

Pennats $15 18-19% a game

Baseball Cards $7 18-19% a game

Baseballs $11 13-14% a game

Retro Caps $30 16-17% a game

Ok, I'm about at the All-Star break now. I'm getting ready to play a 7 game road trip. Here are the home stands I have left the rest of the year and the impact as of right now. Anything you see above that could be changed to help me get more money to get more money in the bank would be so apprecaited.


3 gms vs Astros 8/10 Impact

4 gms vs Brewers 6/10 Impact

3 gms vs Cubs 8/10 Impact


4 gms vs Fla 7/10 Impact

3 gms vs Atl 7/10 Impact

3 gms vs Ari 5/10 Impact

3 gms vs SF 7/10 Impact


3 gms vs Cubs 8/10 Impact

4 gms vs Mets 7/10 Impact

3 gms vs Pitt 6/10 Impact

2 gms vs Astros 8/10 Impact

3 gms vs Reds 6/10 Impact

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How are you making only 200,000 a game with all of that stuff that you put into your ballpark??

I usually put in a quarter of what you put in and I can make 500,000 a game with any team.

Here's a tip though, make sure to lower and raise your pricing according to the Impact of the game.

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Thats what I don't get how I'm only making that much a game after the exspenses. I'm doing something really wrong thats whats bugging the crap out of me and I'm coming to you all for help. I usually just leave it at $25/$15 a game and I get around that percentage.

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Well, now the fun begins the post all-star break. After playing the road trip before and going through the days off. I'm not 8.32 million in the hole starting the second half. If I can just get close to zero I'd be happy going into the second half.

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I changed it to 3.50 along with all the other stuff. Plus I sold some of my Ice cream places leaving only 1 left. I also sold the stores that weren't doing that great based on sales. I upped the tickets for at least the Houston series to $45/30.

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Well, good news so far. I've dropped my negative bank from the 8.32 to 6.81 in the hole. I guess I finally smarted up thanks to all the info. Here is to hoping I can make it back to zero or a little above after the playoffs.

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