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MyPlayer Crash


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9 minutes ago, EyronDaGreat said:

how to fix my mlb2k12 crashing when creating myplayer using current roster, but when I use default one the names of the players and faces are different pls help

In mlb 2k the faces are individual.iff files and each one has an id number that makes a call to said id assigned in the roster, that is, if the roster you are using does not have exactly the same id numbers of the cyberfaces that you have in your video game folder, the cyberfaces will not match the players, you would have to use the Roster Editor to be able to decipher the ID number of each one and organize them again with their respective ID numbers.

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11 hours ago, EyronDaGreat said:

I'm using Opening day 2020-53 cyberfaces by jed,,, do I change the ID in player_head_ID.iff because there's no actual portrait 

yes. in the case of portraits they also have an ID number that must correspond to the roster you are using.

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