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Ok, I managed 65% of the games, anytime I was in trouble I jumped in, at least trying to come back. The rest of the games I played from the beginning, at least one game out of a 3 game series or at least 2 out of a 4 game series.

I will post all the stats, etc. over the weekend, but it has been a hell of a season so far. 3rd in my division, 3 GB the Dodgers and Giants alike.

48 Wins, 33 Losses, MANAGER RATING: A-


1B Todd Helton .367, 31 HR, 66 RBI

OF Matt Holliday .311, 26 HR, 74 RBI

SP Kennedy ERA: 2.24, 13 Wins, 2 Losses

Preston Wilson has 25 Homers, and Louis A. Gonzalez has 14 HR so far. Quite the cannon club.

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Wow, that's pretty amazing... :) Let's hope Helton and Holliday actually put up numbers like that! :)

I am with ya on that one. So far, it doesnt quite look like that, but Helton has hit well into the 40's twice in his career, and Holliday, well, he is still young :lol: But in my Dynasty he started off so great, his progress was amazing. And Preston Wilson, ANY, and I mean ANY pitch inside, his hotzone, is gone, computer hasn't really realized that yet. ALL-STAR and sliders tweaked, not to my advantage though.

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Well, I had to abandon this DYNASTY. A shame, considering the good stats I had, and 3 ALL-STAR players. Main reason was that infamous "MPV2005.EXE has encountered an error" . This time I couldn't figure out the source problem, and had to re-install everything. But that wasn't th end, since I was planning on using my saved file again. I discovered a friggin' Trojan on my HD, unfort. I kept having trouble in Windows. Long story short: FORMAT C: :cry: Well, I am up and running again, but honestly not in the mood for a repeat Rockies Dynasty. I'm addicted though, so it will be sth. like the Toronto Blue Jays this time around or the Florida Marlins. I know the Marlins are really good, but I would prefer a modded stadium to play my home stands in, plus you can always set very ambitious goals for yourself and Dolphin Stadium mod is just around the corner. Other than that, I am not really clicking with any team, right this moment.

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Anyways, I am still thinking which FRANCHISE to go for. Like I said, I do not mind playing with a solid club, having my own ambitious goals. Right now, my biggest criteria is the park, I'd love a Dynasty in a modded park. I will start this tonight sometime actually, so if anyone has suggestions, please go ahead now. It is hardly encouraging to start from scratch, when I was already way past ALL-STAR break, but oh well.

EDIT: FINAL 4 Dynasty Team Contenders

L.A. Dodgers




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Difficulty Settings: ALL-STAR

Strike Zone: ON

Hot Zones: OFF

Variables: ON

Hitter's Eye: OFF

Pitch Cursor: Fade

Slider Settings

User Pitch Meter Difficulty: 20

Pitch Speed: 0

CPU Pitcher Ball Rate: 22

User Pitcher Fatigue: 4

CPU Pitcher Fatigue: 4

User Pitch Control: -25

CPU Pitch Control: -10

Bullpen Fatigue Rate: -4

Bullpen Fatigue Grace: 4

User Batting Contact: 0

CPU Batting Contact: 7

User Batting Power: 7

CPU Batting Power: 7

User Bunting Ability: 12

CPU Bunting Ability: 12

User Foul Ball Frequency: 25

CPU Foul Ball Frequency: 25

CPU Swing Frequency: -5

User OF Speed: -5

CPU Outfielder Speed: -5

User INF Speed: -4

CPU INF Speed: -4

User Throw Speed: -4

CPU Throw Speed: -4

User Throw Accuracy: -7

CPU Throw Accuracy: -7

User Catch Errors: 8

CPU Catch Errors: 8

User Dive Difficulty: 8

CPU Catch Effort: 10

User Baserunning Speed: 0

CPU Baserunning Speed: 0

User Running Aggression: 4

CPU Running Aggression: 4

User Runner Steal Speed: 5

CPU Runner Steal Speed: 5

User Runner Steal Delay: -8

CPU Runner Steal Delay: -8

CPU Steal Rate: 5

Injury Frequency Batter: 3

Injury Frequency Fielder: 4

Injury Frequency Pitcher: 5


I will post all the lineups, etc. shortly.

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This will be my Starting Lineup for now:

1 CF J.Pierre

2 2B L.Castillo

3 RF M.Cabrera

4 1B C.Delgado

5 3B M.Lowell

6 C P.Lo Duca

7 LF J.Encarnacion

8 SS D. Easley

Against AL Teams, Conine will be my DH.

Pitching Rotation:

1 Josh Beckett

2 Al Leiter

3 A.J. Burnett

4 Dontrelle Willis

5 Ismael Valdez


SEASON OPENER will be against the ATLANTA BRAVES @ Dolphin Stadium:

Josh Beckett (0-0) vs. John Smoltz (0-0)

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