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Florida Marlins Dynasty


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I started this dynasty on All-Star with just regular settings, no adjusted sliders and I only lost once in the first month of play. It was too easy to pitch, Josh Beckett had 5 shutouts. So I searched around on the forum for someone who had perfect sliders and I found one that works out pretty well. It's hard for me to take my pitchers into the 7th now, let alone the 9th. And I have only thrown one shutout (combined) since I changed the sliders. Although I had to tweak the user contact and power just a tad to 4 b/c all of my guys except for Pierre and Easley were hitting below .250.

Anyway, I am in the month of June. I am 46-8 (yet I am 23-7 since i adjusted the sliders and if I get too dominate again, I'll adjust them again or go up to MVP).

I only made one pre-season trade, I traded Brian Moehler to the Padres for Marty McLeary (who is in AAA in real life with them). I only did this b/c I play baseball for the same college that he went to and I know him personally. I have Al Leiter, Encarnacion, and Jeff Conine on the trading block. The Reds want to trade me Willy Mo Pena, and I want him, but I can't figure out how to get him. I tried giving up my two best prospects, so if you guys figure out a way, let me know.

Lineup after 54 games

Juan Pierre - .366 BA, 3 HR, 16 RBI's, 11 3Bs!! and 45 SBs!!

Juan Castillo - .271, 0 HR, 28 RBI's, 30 SBs

Carlos Delgado (who is 10 for his last 15!!) - .305/15/49

Mike Lowell - .313/18/43

Miguel Cabrera - .284/10/40

Paul LoDuca - .311/11/32

Juan Encarnacion (vs righties) - .260/4/12

Jeff Conine (vs lefties) - .284/5/18

Damon Easley (vs righties) - .336/8/21 - BIG surprise

Alex Gonzalez (vs lefties) - .222/4/6

Josh Willingham - .383/2/5 (only 43 atbats)

Rotation (remember I had played many games on just regular all-star and it was really easy to pitch, but the tweaking is slowing taking it's effect)

Josh Beckett - 10 W - 0 L 1.07 ERA 79 K's 5 shutouts!

Al Leiter - 9-1/2.29/80 K's/2 shutouts

A.J. Burnett - 9-1/2.34/71 K's

Dontrelle Willis (on DL currently) - 5-2/1.95/32 K's

Justin Wayne - 5-0/2.81/34 K's

Rodrigo Rosario - 1-0/0.82/12 K's (11 innings, 2 starts)

Closer was Marty McLeary 15 sv's, but he blew 3 in a row since the sliders were tweaked and his era balooned to 4.50. So now I have Mota who has 2 svs and a filthy 0.52 ERA. My relief pitching is not that good but consists of Jim Mecir, Alfonseca, Perisho, Spooneybarger, and Todd Jones (combined ERA of around 4).

I am currently in a series with the Nationals, I'll give a recap of every series, albeit brief. Let me know what you think and any ideas too! (especially for that Willy Mo trade)!

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my slider settings

pitcher user difficulty: 30

pitch speed: 0

cpu ball rate: 2

user stamina: 10

cpu stamina: 15

user control: -13

cpu control: -6

bullpen fatigue: 0

bullpen grace: 0

user batting contact: 8

cpu batting contact: 12

user batting power: 5

cpu batting power: 10

user bunting ability: 12

cpu bunting ability: 12

foul ball frequency: 38 (both)

cpu swing frequency: -5

user infield speed: -5

cpu infield speed: -3

user outfield speed: -3

cpu outfield speed: -3

user throw speed: -1

cpu throw speed: -3

user throw accuracy: -8

cpu throw accuracy: -8

user catch errors: 12

cpu catch erros: 8

user dive difficulty: 8

cpu catch effort: 8

user baserunning speed: 0

cpu baserunning speed: 0

user runner aggression: 3

cpu baserunning aggression: 3

user basestealing speed: 0

cpu baserunning speed: 0

user steal delay: -12

cpu steal delay: -8

cpu steal rate: 10

I haven't messed with the injury frequency b/c my guys get hurt very often, I have had about 10 guys put on the DL already and I am not 1/3 of the way through the season :evil:

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quick update: in the second of three game series against the nationals, josh beckett dominated once again for his MLB-leading 11th victory. he surrended two hits and one run (a solo jack by Brad Wilkerson) and had 7 K's in eight innings of work. Mota came on in the ninth to get his 3rd save of the season. The Marlins won 4-1 with the help of 3 hits and 2 RBI's from Mike Lowell. No home runs.

game 3: the marlins triumphed again in shutout fashioin as they won game 3 4-0 to sweep the series against the Nationals. Al Leiter threw 7 2/3 of shutout ball, striking out 6 to take his MLB leading total to 86. Luis Castillo led the offense attack for the Marlins by collecting four htis and Damon Easley cleaned up by driving home two runs on his two hits. The Marlins have a day off tomorrow then head back home for interleague play against the Mariners and the Rangers. No home runs.

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game 1: The Marlines pulled out a nail-biter, edging the AL West Mariners 5-4. A.J. Burnett threw 7 quality innings, giving up 11 hits and 3 runs, striking out 6. Guillermo Mota came on in the 9th, getting his 4th save of the year, but not before giving up a solo home run to Jeremy Reed, who got his 5th hit of the day off the blast. Mike Lowell went deep for the Marlines, his MLB leading 19th and Miguel Cabrera went 3 for 4 with 2 RBI's. Adrian Beltre and Richie Sexson also went deep for the Mariners. Tomorrow's matchup will feature Justin Wayne (5-0) vs Joel Pinerio (3-3).

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series vs rangers: Nobody stood out individually in this series. But one game stands on its own pedastal. Game 2 of this series feature a 15-inning game. With the Marlins trailing 6-0 in the 5th, they rallied to scored 6 off Kenny Rogers, including a three-run blast by Damion Easley. The scored stayed knotted at 6 until the top of the 15th when Hank Blalock took one of Alfonseca's hanging sliders over the right field fence.

series vs cubs: The marlins just wrapped up a series win against the Cubbies at Wrigley Field. The first game featured a mini-comeback for Justin Wayne after getting tortured by the Mariners. The second game was a disaster for the Marlins. After Rodrigo Rosario (a replacement for an injured Willis) gave up an inside the parker to Garciaparra to lead off the game, he then suffered a mild concussion when he got hit in the head with a line drive off the bat of Derek Lee. Matt Perisho came in and dominated...for two batters before surrendering 6 runs in 3 innings. Marty McLeary came in and gave up 4 runs and before everyone blinked, the final score was Cubs 12, Marlins 3. What a catastrophe. The final game featured the battle of the two Texas flamethrowers. Beckett came out on top over Kerry Wood however. After Paul LoDuca and Mike Lowell took Wood deep, there was no looking back for Beckett. He improved to 13-0 with a minute ERA of 1.18. What a stud!

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