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Need help with MVP Edit to add portraits


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Please forgive me if the answer has been posted a million times elsewhere. I ran Search several times over several days. I've never used MVP Edit before. My only purpose or need in running it now is to place the correct portraits into MVP Classics. I need a tutorial or easy step by step instructions. I've read the readme file for the Classic portraits and the Classics phase 2. Each of these assumes knowledge on my part that isn't there. If I understand correctly, all the portraits for Classics are available but they need MVP Edit to plug them in the game. Am I right so far? For example if I want to correct Ernie Banks and make him a black man, that's possible?? Or to add all the portraits that do not presently show up in the game?? Please someone send me some instructions or point me to them and assume I know nothing, without being insulting. Thanks a million.

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*** ALWAYS BACKUP / copy ALL original files ***

ex. C:/Program files/EA Sports/MVP 2004/data/frontend/portrait.big

How to LOAD the pics using RGlass mvp edit:


you start at no. 8500 (could be 6000, etc

anything over 6000 should not have a name/audio to it)

note: it will take several seconds for each step so

be patient

in mvp edit/file/open/ (then load roster)/go to 'tools'/options/check the

box that says 'show player portrait' (slower)

box will show up

1) simply first put in that no. in the audio/photo column in the edit 'player'

portion under the tools (it IS the first screen to come up when the edit program

is opened)

2) it will say in black: 'searching for picture'

3) then in red: 'no picture found'

(you can put the cursor on the uni no. it seems to help for

some reason)

4) then 2b click on the red 'no picture found'

5) grey box shows up, choose 'new pic'

(it will have the no. 8500 in the upper left side)

6) find which pic you wish to enter in whatever directory

it is placed in. 2b click on it.

(of course it must be 128 x 128 .bmp pre made and labeled

with name)

the new pic shows up in the box under 'new'

7) click 'ok' and in a few moments it shows in the editor

(you may wish to record your numbers/players pics on paper)

then proceed with no. 8501 the same way


replacing a current photo:

to replace a pic, for ex. joe morgan, you must simply first:

a) find/know his pic. no. and place in the audio box. Ex. No. 2148

B) click on the pic when it shows up.

c) click on the 'new alpha' box. then 2b click on a 'blank'

(for ex. the white blank 8 128 x 128 that shows up in

the directory)

d) then proceed with steps: 5 thru 7 from above


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