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  1. D0GGERT

    Error Message

    When ever I try importing the uniforms into Ty's editor this error comes up
  2. Ignore this, didn't look before but found it now. Sorry everyone!
  3. When I first run the game, press enter, everything loads, then it blanks out. Almost like its frozen but I can move my cursor. I just got the game, so please help
  4. I was meaning to say that it was too late to be added in. I still would like someone to make them however, as they could replace the 1916 road jersey.
  5. Hey guys, I can someone make these 2 uniforms? They missed the MVP12 Mod
  6. Hello all! I wanted to make a request for some uniforms Tampa Bay Rays "Fauxbacks" 1979 uniform Los Angeles Angels TBTC Thanks!
  7. Sounds good. I can't wait for the new convension, but 08 is perfect for the wait
  8. Ok, what is the timeframe on release date? Thanks for the help guys really means alot to me
  9. All I need if the uni's now. Got the 08 and I like it alot
  10. Got it now! Thanks! Now I need to know how to add uniforms, alot of them say to use EA Graph?? What should I do there
  11. Ok, Yeah I tried to install it over it. Will let you know how that goes
  12. I think I found my problem. When I try to reinstall TiT it says Error Opening File for Writing. What do I do?!?!?!
  13. Yeah, I have the TiT program. it went through everything but I'll try again. When I am done doing the installing with the discs what do I do? I go into my Documents folder and I see my profile. Says its complete but nothing happens
  14. Hey guys, I had a few questions on what to do on some stuff. 1. I downloaded the MVP 08 conversion but none of the 08 stuff is coming up. Still 05. Yes, I have the legalized version on the CD 2. How do add custom uniforms? 3. How do I add the custom faces? Thanks all!
  15. I installed it but nothing 2008 is coming up, help???
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