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  1. You copy your roster you want to import 


    press R and the windows key you get the run box 

    Where it says open type %appdata% 

    Then you click the 2k folder Major league baseball 2k12 then saves and paste the roster in there 


    if you delete any other roster in the saves folder the roster you pasted will load automatically  if not then you have to load the roster you want yourself in game 


  2. 4 hours ago, Bostonnico said:

    New update of the MRP Andrew Miller cyberface of the Indians, credits to scottybylli by texture, I only edit 3d model. This cyberface will be available with the release of the mod 2K17





    Just in time for Miller to get a Hair cut LOL 

  3. 6 hours ago, Mets52 said:

    I guess my problem is I don't want to really sign them, I almost see that as cheating. I want the other teams to sign them and fill their rosters, making more competitive game play. Regardless of team after 1 season you could have a team of all superstars. Not very fun. Also not very fun playing while they're all sitting in free agency.

    In Madden for example there is an option to shut off salary cap. Is there a way to do this in MLB 2K12?


    I don't think there is a way to turn off budget


    What you could do is edit some of your players so that you can sign him then edit his salary so that you can trade him and then trade him to whoever you want. That's the only way I would no how to do it 

  4. On 3/17/2016 at 0:22 PM, picklebrad said:

    Thanks man. I'm glad you like the shots. Yes I do have a SweetFX running. It's a slightly tweaked version of KCCityStar's SweetFX Photo mod. I will be uploading a new colorlist, new uniforms (currently working on AZ) and will also include this SweetFX. Keep your eyes peeled and happy modding. GOD bless

    Can I just say 


  5. 50 minutes ago, Kccitystar said:

    It might be a bug where you are stuck in rookie batting difficulty and it hasn't adjusted if you set it to Dynamic hitting. Rookie hitting difficulty will throw more meatballs and stuff around the plate and will only throw junk if you keep trying to hit garbage

    It was on rookie I switched it over the dynamic and it got better. 


    On a related note I'm blaming KC for my first loss ;)

  6. Got the ps3 verison of the game. My only complaint is the computer pitcher ALWAYS throws strikes. NEVER misses at least in the 3 games I've played so far. I've yet to get 1 pitch not a strike from the computer 

  7. Use 7zip to extract.

    No. The colorlist is already in the roster. for future reference your problem is your roster editor is out of date. the Marlins are what's causing the crash. KC made tweaks to the roster editor to fix this issue. use the roster editor from one of our newer uniform releases such as the Marlins to fix the problem for you in the future.

    Thanks got it now. Again GREAT JOB GUYS

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