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  1. On 3/17/2016 at 0:22 PM, picklebrad said:

    Thanks man. I'm glad you like the shots. Yes I do have a SweetFX running. It's a slightly tweaked version of KCCityStar's SweetFX Photo mod. I will be uploading a new colorlist, new uniforms (currently working on AZ) and will also include this SweetFX. Keep your eyes peeled and happy modding. GOD bless

    Can I just say 


  2. Use 7zip to extract.

    No. The colorlist is already in the roster. for future reference your problem is your roster editor is out of date. the Marlins are what's causing the crash. KC made tweaks to the roster editor to fix this issue. use the roster editor from one of our newer uniform releases such as the Marlins to fix the problem for you in the future.

    Thanks got it now. Again GREAT JOB GUYS

  3. I have tried everything I can think of but the game just won't run with KCs SweetFX for MLB2k12


    I recently changed Video cards to a GeForce GT740 but it worked on a lesser card without much trouble


    this is the error i get on windows 10 any help would be great


  4. I can upload that roster and portrait pack tonight. It wont have hex edits yet but it should get u by.

    No rush actually the hex edits are what I'm really looking forward to.

    I might be the only one that actually cares about the color changes LOL

  5. I'll soon release the BSU-FAN/Korean 9/2/15 Roster and an updated portrait pack.  This will probably be my last update until the Total Mod.  I need to go through and make sure all the CF IDs match up/are changed accordingly and send the roster over to Kccitystar for color hex edits and so forth.  Things are coming together!


    When do you think you guys will have this roster ready?

    I was thinking of starting over on my franchise just wondering if you were going to have this ready in the next couple days. I might hold off


    Really looking forward to all the mods

  6. Hello friends, I want to know if there is a schedule for MLB 2k updated, please tell me, I need to play my franchise with the 2015 schedule.

    thanks you in advance greetings

    All you would have to do is download a roster update from this season the schedule is updated in that

  7. DUDE. To put it simply - this is an AMAZING breakthrough.


    Now I need to update all these stadiums with HD gorgeous grass... the work never ends... 

    hmm, I might know someone who could help me do this ;-)

    Are you telling me the game is going to look even better?


    Excuse me I would like to be alone for a while :D

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