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  1. You can get the ENB to work on Windows 10 You simply have to rename the DXGI.Dll to DXGI.BAK then the game will start
  2. Can any jersey modders Make these two new Tribe jerseys they are the only things missing for me on 2k
  3. Have you played the game since you moved Windows 10? The only thing I can think of is that those files might have been lost when you upgraded to windows 10?
  4. Well first have you checked your computers recycle bin? Also which version of Windows are you running? I've never seen this issue before but all my games are from steam
  5. How did you get the game? Was it retail physical copy of the game? Steam? Amazon ECT?
  6. It wasn't a bug 2k did this on purpose. It was to prevent people from using one pitch. They wanted to make you mix things up like in real baseball, instead of throwing nothing but fastballs. Only problem is they went way to far.
  7. MLB 2k12 CAN be played on windows 10 I've played it alot on Windows 10. I've never had any issue installing so I can't offer any suggestions there.
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