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  1. It is sad how 2k couldn't even give us things that games years and years ago had. Real sad But thankfully we have a lot of great modders like BSU fan who keep the game alive. Even though this roster isn't the one for me the one I do use that was uploaded in May is based off his roster from a year ago. So I'm enjoying his work. It's sad that people like BSU fan,Kcstar,and all the other great modders for 2k do a better job then those who were paid well to make the game.
  2. Trades are the reason I don't like controlling all 30 teams in that I never have seen them happen. I don't know if I have a setting off or what but I've tried it many times and I just never see any trades happen unless I make them. IMO that just makes it unrealistic even more then the staff as when you are playing a game you are pretty much the manager yourself.
  3. Right now it seems to be a site issue that seems to be going on It is being worked on I believe and will be fixed shortly
  4. Hey BSU would it be possible of you to release a version of your next update with the default staff to avoid the crash issue. If it wouldn't be a lot of trouble to release a 2nd version I'm not sure how much work would go into that just a thought. I love your rosters I just am not a fan of controlling all the teams
  5. The change of the scoreboards colors was attempted but it lead to problems I think KC is still working on it the tribes scoreboard color is still red
  6. My understanding is that you can use reditor to also correct this from what I've read from BSU. But I've never used the guru Verison so I can't say for sure that's correct hopefully BSU can answer this for sure.
  7. In BSUs 2nd release you have to control all 30 teams and take care of staff hiring yourself after the 7th season or it crashes. If you do that then it's fine
  8. I have a lot of NBA 2k mods and will definitely be looking for more 2k15 IF you could do anything close to what you did in your sweetfx for mlb2k on that then well that might just be the best mod ever
  9. Couldn't say it any better. If I had the money to start a baseball game franchise I would hire them both. They have proven to be better then the people who made 2k12. They might not have perfection in there work but they were not given much to work with at the start IMO 2k mailed it in there last 2 games
  10. Trying it out now made it through year 1 without any crashes Update made it through the 7 seasons before having to do the staff. WORKS GREAT. The only thing that I even noticed is that a couple of years everyone seemed to play 1 extra game but thats fine just 9 more innings of baseball great job KC
  11. I just started up the game loaded the roster started a franchise with the indians and tried to simulate through a season I auto managed the team at the start of the year and auto managed the draft it got through fine until july right before the all star break crashed to windows
  12. Well good news is I get through the draft with this one without crashing Bad news I get crashes on the day before the HR derby Progress I guess
  13. What editor should i use to extend there contracts the one I use I dont see any managers at all
  14. All good news I do think that your next release might just be perfection.
  15. I agree I mean really how much does that even come into play in this game?
  16. Hey BSU fan GREAT Roster Like the others I Give my thanks for all your hard work. If you are going to make anther release of this I have one request there is at least one Color change I would like to see made. I'm not sure how but I do know it's somehow in the roster. In the roster the Indians Main color seems to be red instead of the dark blue that it is in real baseball. That's the scoreboard with your roster That is real life accurate KCstar makes color changes to rosters alot and the accurate one is his work. So if you are not planing on making anther release maybe you could allow KCstar to do his great work on your great roster. I'm probably the only one that cares about this LOL BUT YOUR ROSTER IS OUTSTANDING I can't say that loud enough GREAT WORK MAN
  17. Next topic to debate do the Yankees buy or win world series
  18. Yep no problem with someone with a different opinion then my. I understand your viewpoint and your right I am jaded by the players. Like I said last night they gave us reason to distrust. For years they claimed there was no reason for testing becuse everyone was clean. Not the case as we found out. Then they tell us the same thing about HGH. Again we found out not the case. So it might not be fair. But they have no one to blame but themselves for that. Just my viewpoint. Certain players to me scream PED user. There might not be proof at this time but at the same time there was no real proof for years about Bounds,Mcgwire,Sosa,clemons the list goes on and on. I will not be shocked at all if one day I see Miggy has been suspended for PEDs. But I will say I can't say I'm 100% certain that he's cheating. I just think it's highly likely
  19. Verlander and Scherzer are cheaters to Ok maybe not for the record I don't even think every player on the tigers that are good are cheaters . Cabrera just screams PEDS to me. That's all .
  20. I can't wait to see the reaction to that picture lol
  21. Oh I think they are all tested. But due to the advances in medicine there are many things they can take to get around the test. Some of the guys in the BioGenis case tested clean when they weren't.
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