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  1. I have tried everything I can think of but the game just won't run with KCs SweetFX for MLB2k12 I recently changed Video cards to a GeForce GT740 but it worked on a lesser card without much trouble this is the error i get on windows 10 any help would be great
  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. She thinks i have "to many sports games and stuff" But hey at least if the game goes missing I will no where to look
  4. If I understand this thread right we are asking for things. So anyone got a ps4 and mlb the show they can send me my address is (I'm not dumb enough to give my address on the interwebs) That and 17 year olds suck LOL i have a 17 year old brother he's my youngest brother i am well older then him and I see him do stuff that I just hope i never did LOL
  5. I get the 2015 schedule with that roster That's odd
  6. Hmmmmmm sounds like the video game equivalent of PEDS Now you must have someone get suspended for PEDS LOL
  7. No rush actually the hex edits are what I'm really looking forward to. I might be the only one that actually cares about the color changes LOL
  8. When do you think you guys will have this roster ready? I was thinking of starting over on my franchise just wondering if you were going to have this ready in the next couple days. I might hold off Really looking forward to all the mods
  9. Having trouble installing this any chance we can get a installer in english?
  10. All you would have to do is download a roster update from this season the schedule is updated in that
  11. Are you telling me the game is going to look even better? Excuse me I would like to be alone for a while
  12. Yes it is different Here is the easiest way i Can explain hit On your keyboard press and hold the windows key and also press R A little search box will pop up in the box next to where it says open type the fallowing %appdata% (% signs included) Then click on the 2k folder then the MLB2k Folder then the saves folder which is where you put the rosters
  13. gotribematt


    Works fine for me
  14. I got to call bs on this only because your opponent wasnt the cleveland indians
  15. No it's not the steam version Here's what you do On your keyboard hold your windows key and press R A search box should pop up you enter in the fallowing %appdata% and press enter you will see a group of folders select 2k MLB 2k and then saves and paste the roster in there
  16. ​The TNA is dead rumor happens every year Mostly sometime in the summer to early fall
  18. When I see Flair I still remember this
  19. Spring Stampede 1997 It's very easy to find on youtube
  20. I think KC's Hex edits corrects some team display colors as well
  21. Getting the can not locate this error But thanks for your hard work yet again BSU
  22. ​Hey KC do you think it would be possible to apply your hex edits to a franchise file? I'm in September and if I could possibly not have to start over it would be good if not it's no big deal
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