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  1. He has some serious spy stuff going on that's for sure
  2. I got a month into my 2k franchise and the file corrupted freaking A rod
  3. That and all the time those PEDS just made their way into his system poor guy
  4. This is what I'll say. I've seen Y4L on a couple of different occasions made out to be someone who is quick to get rid of anyone who enjoys 2k. I can speak from personal experience alone and say that Y4L has been VERY VERY fair with me. More then fair in fact. If he were the unreasonable person that some have tried to make him out to be I wouldn't be here. And I'm very grateful for that. There have been MANY MANY modders here that have uploaded MANY MANY great mods for 2k and MVP most of them never have had an issue I'm aware of with any of the admins here.
  5. I thought yesterdays trade might have had something to do with it. Those things you can never see coming. Question BSU is your first update going to have Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrascos contract extensions in them? If not I can do it mysefl just wondering bud
  6. gotribematt

    2015 Schedule

    Yes it should be relased tomorrow I think Can't wait
  7. I got a chance to Play RBI 15 This is what I'll say If you are only a sim fan this game is NOT for you. However if you like a change of pace I like it. It is kind of fun to play every now and then and I do think you can get your money's worth with it.
  8. On 2k the only way I know of is a roster update with the updated schedules like BSU fans rosters from last year. That's the only way to do it that I'm aware of
  9. THANKS Was hopeing for the tribes reworked park to get done.
  10. Hey BSU can we get an update of the roster I really have an itch to start my franchise LOL
  11. Very nice this will be a good year for the 2k game as well as MVP as always It will be a great summer of baseball gaming
  12. Just noticed this THANKS A LOT
  13. Question do you have the game on Steam? If so I've had that happen before I had to redownload the game it wasn't fun
  14. My guess would be there won't be much of a difference from last years since they didn't list that in the new features but that's just my guess for now
  15. Here's a tad of info on the game http://www.trueachievements.com/n19655/rbi-baseball-15-new-features-detailed.htm
  16. I think that's a good idea On the off chance that BSU fan is human and would acctualy make a mistake on a roster maybe someone could let him no on a bata verison so he can get it fixed on the offical release Just a thought
  17. Very nice will be using this for my laptop great for low end computers Good job
  18. The only thing that I can think of is that you need to install a driver for the controller. www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/d/xbox-360-controller-for-windows Hope that helps I can't think of anything else hopefully someone can help if that's not it
  19. The question here is how you knew they were going to respond. What kind of spy operation do you have going here
  20. I'm still going to respond because I'm a rebel
  21. Oh I didn't mess with the potraits or cyberfaces at all I wouldn't no where to begin
  22. I'm not really sure what you mean here. Jose is on the white sox
  23. Your welcome guys can't say it's 100% right I'm sure I missed something here or there. but I think it will do until the better roster makers release their work hopefully
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