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  1. ​No problem. Glad to help a fellow Yankee fan.
  2. ​Try this website: http://www.chatsports.com/new-york-yankees Basically it compiles Yankees news from Yankees websites around the Internet.
  3. David Price somehow magically sucks against the Yankees.
  4. I think he looked okay. He just got burned by one inning. Still, he got eight Ks.
  5. So the start of the new baseball season has arrived, which means that it is time for another new game thread. Kccitystar created last year's game thread and since he has not been here to create the 2015 one, I will do it. Use this thread to discuss anything about the ongoing games, your thoughts on any team, trades or any game that you want to discuss about. Baseball is back!
  6. http://yanksgoyard.com/2014/10/30/carlos-beltran-will-bounce-back/ An optimistic article on Carlos Beltran. Haven't had those in a while.
  7. Oscar Taveras died in a car accident on October 26 2014 in a car accident in his homeland the Dominican Republic. He was constantly regarded as one of the best prospects in baseball, ranking second in MLB top 100 prospects in 2013. Sadly, his bright baseball career ended before it barely started. Post your well wishes for him over here. R.I.P Taveras. (This post came a bit late because I had Internet issues for the last few days.)
  8. Ok, no more Kent Murphy this time.........
  9. Thanks for contributing to this thread daflyboys! I lost it when he threw that brushback pitch to the first batter
  10. I couldn't agree more! I don't one to discriminate against other people, but maybe this is a typical behaviour of a redneck.
  11. You dont have to apologise for that. It happens from time to time. Just curious why you uploaded two of the same files. You can delete those files by contacting one of the adminstrators. They are very friendly and I am sure they will help you.
  12. As always, beware of NSFW content.
  13. I don't get it. Why are you making two separate threads on the same download?
  14. Great work wudl! They look good.
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