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  1. I think the issue is that with the ever decreasing attention span of every child being born, "mobile devices" are preferred because you can't keep a PC glued to your face when you are walking down the street or shopping at the mall or giving birth, etc. For the older generation, mobile is preferred because it's not as easy to take a PC to your child's 25 soccer games each weekend, and there's no time to play games when you spend 2 hours each evening doing your kids homework. Grouchy H-70 Out.
  2. Maybe I am not seeing it right -- I am always open to a new game if it's fun. What particular stuff are you guys seeing that you like? Are there some things that look a better than either MVP or 2K?
  3. You guys are funny I think it's less like falling onto the ground and needing a med-alert necklace, and more like slowly falling for an idiea. Like my aformentioned significant other deciding she can put up with me
  4. I think I can see why copies of 2K12 are selling for $100. Major League Baseball is a giant cash cow. This is the best they can do? Head scratcher.
  5. I love the 2K12 gameplay, and have been enjoying it continuously since the day it came out. I think it's the geek in me that misses getting really excited about a new version of (Hight Heat/MVP/MLB 2K) coming out every year, getting it on the very first day, etc. I might be a bit older than the average MVP Mods member, but does anyone else remember that feeling? So much fun. Is there really no market for PC baseball games anymore? I can't help but think there are a lot of people like me out there who would fork out the cash for a new game every year. I understand why Sony doesn't produce The Show for PC.. Gotta keep those Playstations flying off the shelves. But it just astounds me that it's not profitable for anybody to make a "next gen" PC baseball game. For the record, I consider the RBI game that MLB is putting out to be very much "previous gen". Maybe even 3 or 4 gens ago
  6. One of the things that is killing me is some of the (reported) changes they've made to frinchise play. I am 100% franchise all the way. Apparently this is the first year that you can control only one team, but still change to another within the same franchise. And also the first year that you can keep your franchise going when subsequent versions come out. Hopefully it's just spring fever that is getting me considering spending $ on baseball games/game consoles. I love being able to take my laptop when I go to vist my family, or go on business trips, or whatever, and still be able to play 2K12 wherever I am (it's a great way to spend boring layovers in airports). I would definitely miss that. Perhaps I should just mention it to my significant other. She'd probably smack some sense back in to me regarding spending the money.
  7. The latest... http://www.gamespot.com/articles/easy-to-play-rbi-baseball-15-release-date-price-an/1100-6426181/
  8. I don't want to give up PC baseball.. But these previews for MLB15 The Show are KILLING me. This one features one of the things that has been on my wishlist since Hardball 6... I love the idea of the lighting/sun/shadows being different based on time of day, time of year, etc etc. I think the lighting in 2K12 is good, but it's always bugged me that (using Detroit as an example) it's dark at 7 PM in Detroit on a June evening (sun sets in Det around 9:15 at the summer solstice). Could it possibly be worth coughing up the $460 for a PS4 and a copy of MLB The show based on the preview videos? ANGUISH! http://www.polygon.com/2015/3/27/8299761/mlb-15-the-show-trailer-graphics-lighting-video
  9. To me, the biggest improvement I see is that you can have 25 man rosters instead of just 16. Welcome to High Heat Baseball 1999, without the modability.
  10. Awesome! Not sure why it took me several months to notice this had been posted. Love not having the "seeya" guy
  11. Sorry if I sound like an idiot here --- but I'm not totally sure what an E N B is..
  12. I *think* the only way you can do that is to not control any teams in your franchise. Not totally positive on that.
  13. I don't see that screen if I hit "start" when the copyright and other legal info screen comes up; Doing so takes me directly to the "press start" screen (incidentally, it would be nice to just press start once and get it over with). If I just sit and wait long enough, pressing nothing and just sitting there waiting, the logos show and the intro starts to play. "Justin Verlander! Blah blah blah! Reportedly boinked Kate Upton!" (at this point I am pressing start like a maniac to make it stop).
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