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  1. winkweb

    Project Awesome MLB All-Star Update!

    This is amazing. It blows the teams I made out of the water. Will you be keeping the rosters updated? I wish real MLB stadiums could be created. Great job, thanks.
  2. winkweb

    SMB2 NL Teams and Logos

    Version 1.0.0


    National League teams. Not perfect because the team creator is limited but the best I can do.
  3. winkweb

    SMB2 AL Teams and Logos

    Version 1.0.0


    I created most of these myself. I did follow the guide someone posted on Reddit. They are not perfect. Feel free to modify and share.
  4. winkweb

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    No. Great. Where is it? Love to try it out.
  5. winkweb

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    I would love to see a MLB roster
  6. winkweb

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    Nice Uniforms, Can you share them? I did about half the league. I didn't do the AL Central or West or NL West.
  7. winkweb

    Where do you get a copy of this game?

    Selling my MVP 2005 on EBay. MVP Baseball 2005 (PC) $75
  8. winkweb

    Want MLB2k12 discs, will trade my MVP05 discs

    Just a thought. If I were to reinstall MLB2K back on my older pc running Windows10, remove that hard drive and install it in my new pc which I planned to do anyway, would MLB2K run on my new pc then? Would Windows 10 that would still be on that old hard drive have conflicts with the Windows 10 on the new pc? How would I get rid of the old Win 10 on the older hard drive? Any ideas?
  9. winkweb

    Want MLB2k12 discs, will trade my MVP05 discs

    Amazon support told me to contact 2k about my issue and 2k replied: Hey there, Thank you for contacting 2K Support! Sounds like you bumped into a pesky issue. I've actually been in this exact situation with secuROM, so I can feel your pain through this issue. With that said, it seems as though MLB 2K12 has been put down for the meantime as there is no availability to it through Steam nor is it patched for later OS software. I wish there was a way I could make this work for you, the only thing I could suggest is to return to the retailer and request a refund. (◕︿◕✿)
  10. I can no longer get my downloaded copy of 2k12 from Amazon because of Securom problem putting it back on my new pc. I have original copy of MVP05. I don't play it anymore. I want to trade even up for original 2k12 copy.
  11. winkweb

    MVP baseball 2005 for sale

    I played the hell out of it when I was single. Actually my son took over my pc with his Call of Duty game and I could use the money. I do play 2k12 a lot and I kind of like R.B.I 16. I also went to Windows 10 and MVP lags.
  12. winkweb

    MVP baseball 2005 for sale

    Just put my MVP 05 discs on Ebay. Good condition. I just don't play anymore, married life.
  13. winkweb

    Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia Phillies

    Thank You! It was so worth the wait. I've been there many times. Beautiful job.
  14. winkweb

    Official Dasteelerz Stadium Mod Request Thread

    Phillies Citizens Bank Park is next in line. Can't wait. Status update? Not much to look forward this season as far as the real team.
  15. winkweb

    A Little Help?

    Thanks gotribematt! You saved me the hassel of redownloading 2k12 again for these files. I will back up everything tonight and get your files when I get home. Thanks again.