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  1. excellent keep up the good work
  2. is there any way to change a players name in mlb2k12 with roster editor. The reason i'm asking is

    all the current rosters has albies with black arms and white face is there a way to fix this mainly 2018

    rosters. I;ve tried changing face numbers but that doesn't work any ideas would be appreciated

  3. Thank you for your reply

  4. Can someone install suntrust park to downloads please would be appreciated
  5. All you people who are working so hard on this mod I just want to say thank you. These people don't realize that all of you do this on your spare time, You have a daily life that you have to live, If all of you didn't do this there would be no game to play. so everybody need's to be cool and let them finish the mod. they can only work so fast,
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