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  1. Hi all - Long-time lurker, first-time poster here. I've been sifting through these various threads trying to get my new copy of MVP Baseball 2005 to play on Windows 10, and I'm about ready to give up and list it back on eBay. Seems the general consensus is Windows 10 makes it darn near impossible, but I've also seen some users have success through various workarounds. I've tried a few solves from these forums, but can't even get the game to launch. I always run as administrator after trying these steps: Installed the game in its own C folder (not Program Files (x86)), and installed Patch 5. No luck. Tried to edit the registry directly based on this thread (https://www.mvpmods.com/forums/topic/57400-mvp-not-starting-after-windows-7-9-8-15-updates/). No dice. Turned off my antivirus per Vader's 10/6/18 post in this thread. Nothing. Then followed Base Invader's post above mine, installed secdrv.sys into my system32/drivers folder and have followed the steps with Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider. Not a thing. Is there anything I'm missing here? Should I be installing secdrv into my SYSWOW64/DRIVERS folder instead of my system32/drivers folder? I've been so freaking excited to come back to this game and be a part of this community, but this has been so disheartening. Hoping I'm missing a solve that someone else has had success with, otherwise I think I'm out of luck.
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