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  1. 480 downloads

    this contains a randy johnson,womack,derek jeter,matsui,arod,and sheffield all with more realistic skin color exept womack wjos beard was removed.johnson also had some facial hair removed.view readme for instructions.please post ur feedback.
  2. 216 downloads

    this cyberface gives derek jeter a realistic skin color as opposed to the default which was too pale.please post your feedback in the announcments section in the derek jeter cyberface thread which also can be linked to by clicking the link next to home.
  3. 49 downloads

    this download contains 4 met files one of each padre farm team and the padres all players aa-mlb are on the right team except one guy who had to be moved a level down because it put the team over 25 players. I edited cami02s rosters so the fact that i only created 2 A players doesnt mater because there mostly real anyway.I tweaked ratings and gave lawrence and quantrill there missing sinkers and edited many pitchers volicities on certain pitches to reflect real life. this is the beta and hopefully future versions will completely update if there is enough interest post feedback in the padre organision update in the announcments thread.view readme for intrsuctions. thanks to cami02 for letting me edit his rosters. ps download jogars padre cyberface set which contains a barfield and bozied face along with blum and some other guys it would go well with this. Also i followed horys id list to the best oof my knowledge.
  4. 231 downloads

    this gives you 4 skies to choose from to replace the default ea vesion.view readme for download instructions.the screenshot shows one of for skies.
  5. 112 downloads

    this face doesnt do anything exept make him bald.please post your feedback on the corey koskie cyberface thread in the announcement section.this is my first cyberface so it wont be perfect. view readme for download instructions
  6. tip on changups use tighter grip on fastball use looser grip.It makes change slower and fb faster
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