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  1. Problem solved. The problem was caused by my windows version. It occurs at Windows 10, so I made MLB 2K12 played in windows 7, then it is solved. Thanks for all your help.
  2. I'm using laptop with gtx 1660ti, Intel i7 9750h, 16gb ram. I just updated my graphic card driver, but it didn't worked.
  3. I mean, could I play with friend connecting two controllers in one pc, an then play mlb 2k12 together. Is it possible?
  4. I checked those uniform files using nba2k modtool, and it said that all those uniform files are in the format of dxt5. Then, what is the problem?
  5. Then how can I fix the format? Should I use Photoshop to do it?
  6. Player's name on the uniform looks strange. I used MLB 2K19 3.0 MOD installing uniform mod, then it occured. I'm also using FXAA tool, but turning it off doesn't helped me at all. I even changed uniform file for another one, but it still occurs. What can I do to get rid of it?
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