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  1. before I forget thank you dirtdog for your interest and enthusiasm on what I did so sorry for the inconnveniences of some one else I don't to argue anybody I feel excited make public my achievement in the more realistic and awesome baseball simulation game I never leave alone Thank You
  2. Hello everyone good night I just want to share you something I discover about an idea than for me is brilliant and worthy I know since a long time you have a tutorial to create cyberfaces when you install a cyberface only the player you choose has de cyberface well some years ago I was searching easier way to have a couple of cyberfaces and a method for not restart the dinasty I believe it was back on 2017 year so I download a photo but first discover that in models.big there is something in range g001 to g015 that means the generic faces the game has so I exported and uncompress with nfshtool
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