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  1. Some good news - after downloading that 4GB patch and restarting my computer the game was still crashing. However, I decided to try running the '39 mod in compatibility mode with Windows 2000 and that seems to have fixed the crashing issue for whatever reason. I'll get back to you guys if something changes. Anyways, thank you guys so much for the help I really appreciate it! Keep up the good work!
  2. Alright so after a little experimentation, the 1951 TC mod can be added to the list of mods that are crashing on me. Although this one's different from the 1934 and 1939 ones. In the 51 mod I was able to start a dynasty with the Dodgers and play a full first game before it crashed while loading me back into dynasty mode. Something else I noticed - after exiting out of a mod and going back to desktop, I'm usually asked by this Firewall program if it wants me to block or unblock MVP2005 and I've always chosen unblock. This message has only come up from mods that have been working properly though. If I try to exit out of the 1934, 1939, or 1951 mods manually (before it can crash) then I'm not prompted with this message to block or unblock the game. Found this kinda odd and figured it wasn't just a coincidence, although I still don't really know what to do with this information but hopefully someone out there might. Thanks.
  3. Jim, thanks a lot for taking a look for me. The only settings I've tweaked with this laptop are a couple of options in the Security Center on the control panel. I turned off virus protection and automatic updates...although I don't think this would affect the game. nmoore, I appreciate the suggestion but I always keep a folder with the vanilla mvp files in it for all my mods and stuff so I'm thinking that's not my issue.
  4. Hey guys, I'm in a bit of a jam here. So I just bought a Dell laptop with Windows XP SP3 and I'm basically just dedicating it to playing MVP 05 and its various mods. I installed my CD-rom of the game and started installing the TC mods that I wanted. Some TC mods that I installed were - 1927, 1951, 1956, negro leagues, TC Phase 10, even 1979 - they were all working great. Then I got to the 1934 and 1939 mods. They load up fine, although while using either of these mods, the game crashes after about 3-5 minutes of being in the game menus or it'll crash as soon as I confirm my game difficulty to start an exhibition game. It takes me back to my desktop and displays an error message telling me that mvp2005.exe has stopped working - I attached a picture of the message. If you look at the message, it doesn't provide any info about the problem, just gives me a hyperlink that leads me to this "error report". A file named a900_appcompat.txt is the only thing included on the "error report". Perhaps this file is what's causing the game to crash? Although when I search for that file on my computer nothing shows up, and this is where I'm stumped. I tried uninstalling MVP 05 and all of the mods, then reinstalling again. After reinstalling a clean version, I decided to download the 1939 mod first to see if anything changed - and I got the same issue as before. I've played TC mods in the past on a different computer with the same CD-rom and they worked great, however this is my first time trying the 1934 and 1939 mods so I'm not sure if the issue is with the computer I just bought or what. I'm not the best at problem solving when it comes to mods so uninstalling and reinstalling was pretty much all I could think of. I tried searching for the answer in some threads on here and I found a couple with slightly similar problems to me, although not the exact same so they weren't much help. Anyways, I hope I'm being specific enough about my issue and hopefully someone might know of a way to resolve this. Thanks, Nate
  5. Hey guys. I am having trouble with dynasty mode in ALL of the total classics I have. So far, every single time I have tried a dynasty, the game crashes right after I finish playing a game. I have no time to save my progress, so I have to start over. The game only seems to crash when I play in dynasty mode with ANY total classic mod. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks. -Nate
  6. It's fixed! Thanks very much. Not sure what I'd do without you guys here!
  7. Hey guys. I have one last question. Why are the players in all of my total classics mods wearing 2005 jerseys? This is happening in all of my mods- 1915, 1927, and Total Classics Walk Through History. Someone said something in a comment about creating a "Katie Roy" free agent. But I have no idea what that means. If there is a way to fix please let me know. Thanks! -Nate
  8. Oh I will. Thanks again for everything guys.
  9. I started over from scratch -- turns out there was something wrong with my initial clean installation of the game. Got it working now. Thanks very much for your help.
  10. Now that I've downloaded the 1915 mod and extracted all of the files, how do I run the application with the mod? What do I do to actually start and play the game?
  11. This isn't really obvious to me -- but, once I download and extract Patch #2, how do I know that it's been applied to the clean copy of MVP 05? Do I have to install Patch #2 to a certain folder?
  12. Yes, I did read it over. I'll try doing what it said in your thread again. It's possible I might have skipped a step on accident. Thanks
  13. Okay. So I downloaded the Winrar application and when I was choosing the .7z file to extract, I did see the TC1915.exe. file. But when I look in my files application on my laptop, I didn't see it in the folder that I saw it in on the Winrar application. I did extract the .7z file, but I still don't see this TC1915.exe. file after extracting.
  14. Yeah I didn't see the TC1915.exe. file. I'm going to install one of the utilities that you suggested and see if this helps. Thank you so much for everything Jim. I'll tell you if it works.
  15. First, I downloaded the 1915 total classic mod. But when I double click on the file like it says in the instructions, I'm not seeing any "explodeme" file. This is where I'm stumped.
  16. I still can't get this to work. Also, I'm not seeing an "explodeme" file. I could really use some help. Thanks.
  17. Thanks for the reply. I'm definitely going to read this.
  18. Hey guys! I am having a bit of trouble with installing the Total Classic 1915 mod to my MVP Baseball 2005 game. It is the first mod I am attempting to download. I keep reading over the installation directions, but I just can't seem to understand this. I am very confused right now and any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. -Nate
  19. Thank you very much. I really appreciate the help. I am definitely going to buy this game.
  20. Hi guys, I am new around here and I am having troubles with the MVP Baseball 2005 game that I tried to download to my Windows 8 laptop. It just won't open so I can play it, and add mods to it. And since every single MVP Baseball 2005 game that is for sale online for the PC platform is very expensive, I want to try downloading the game. Does anyone know of a file of the MVP Baseball game that is clean, available for download and will function correctly? If so, please inform me about it. Thank you so much in advance. Nate
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