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  1. Gracias. I was unaware. That being said, is there a legal method of playing the game without the CD? I've read that people with the game have been able to create ISOs and play strictly off of those. Are they simply duplicating the existing discs?
  2. I know the no-cd crack is considered warez, but what about the mini backup image? If not, it comes with two files, an .mdf file and an .mds file. I thought all you had to do was mount them, but I can't get them to work. Any ideas? If the mini backup image is considered warez, feel free to ignore this message.....
  3. Aaaaaaand nevermind. I remapped the buttons titled cross, circle, square, and something else, and it changed by itself. Good stuff.
  4. Thanks for the new instructions.... makes everything pretty clear. One issue I'm having is remapping the in-game window for shifts, substitutions, etc. I don't see the line in the controller config file. Anyone?
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