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  1. any idea about a final end of season roster set for ps2?
  2. Unbelievable job on vthe salary structure. It's probably the only problem with the game is how whacked you have a budget and payroll, but it counts for the mlb as well as the 3 minor league teams. You've done as good as a job as possible considering. Great job! Dowie
  3. KG, I tried to download the 3.0 version of your rosters but it says that it is "write protected" and can't be moved to the maxdrive? I've downloaded your rosters in the past and have never seen this. Any ideas? Dowie
  4. KG I'm not dogging your rosters at all. I was just asking . I actual agree with you about focusing on the minor league system. It makes running a dynasty better if guys stay in the minors longer. Do you plan on having a updated version closer to spring training? Dowie
  5. what is the difference between kgbaseball's roster overhaul, and the ultimate roster from Kraw and Totte? When Kraw released kg's over on eamods he said it's a beta and take it as you will. I'm assuming that kg works on the ultimate rosters with Kraw and Totte and decided to release a early edition to satisfy some people even though the rosters aren't perfect. I'm not dogging the rosters they are real good, and technically you could start a dynasty with them, but it seems the ultimate rosters are way more detailed. Am I correct on any of this? Is the ultimate roster that's soon to be released a more detailed version of kg's? Again hopefully the UR set is ps2 compatible. Thanks for everyone's time...Roger Dowie
  6. thanks for the ps2 file for the overhaul rosters beta. What does the beta part of the roster actual mean though? Dowie
  7. anyway us ps2 users can get a hold of this via the max drive? Dowie
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