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  1. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  2. "Is two different people at two different times, I can never make up my mind. There's a shadow hanging overhead, but in the end I'm just like they said; "Everything can't go their way!" 'Cause everyone still has a say in my other identity."

    1. redeck


      You think to much young man. Have a beer.

  3. Hey man,

    Welcome to the site!

  4. wants to travel to Tau Alpha C, meet up with The Traveler–whose name is unpronousable by humans–and learn the concept that matter, energy, and thought are related and interchangeable.

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    2. redeck


      I talked to that dude about that stuff, and it isnt as interesting as it sounds. You see, they are interchangeable, like Legos, and their off brands knock offs, they connect, but they dont really stick together.

    3. DylanBradbury


      Megablocks. ;)

      When I was younger (and I guess I still do) loved Lego, but I was obsessed with keeping each "set" in it's own box, and it would drive me insane if they mixed.

      One Christmas, I was given a huge cylinder of MegaBlocks. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but when my dad asked, "Why don't you mix your Lego and Megablcoks?" It horrified me.

    4. DylanBradbury


      (And you're right, Redeck. MegaBlocks just don't "stick" as well as Lego blocks do to themselves.)

  5. hey you speak klingon¿??

  6. I wear a doo-rag, you wear your hair. That's how it is.

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