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  1. it's been so long since I last visited mvpmods, i remember I became obsessed with it in 2004 as a 15 year old at a tutoring agency where I was supposed to be working on my math homework, I still remember all of you guys, Trues, KC, Y4L, Kraw, and how you guys helped me install all the awesome cyberfaces, unis, grass, music since i had no idea how, I played mvp 2005 religiously until about 6 years ago, so many good memories flooding back...where does the time go? so much nostalgia!
  2. "these are my testing supplies" LMAO
  3. hey, love the unis dunno if anyone pointed this out (its not a big deal) for the Toronto away jerseys, the font on the back of the jersey is still last year's grey here's what the 2008 backs look like:
  4. could someone please make me a sig? havent changed mine in 2 yrs heres a cool pic i wanted to have in a sig:
  5. waaat, that is sick. i wish i could do those
  6. whoooah i see them now, very nice, the fifth one, woooowww, this must be heaven. The second would be better if gagne took off his shirt, LMAO, no dont! keep it as is.
  7. i cant see anyone of the pics fuzz posted
  8. and yea, the sig artists are wicked
  9. where's Moose? haven't seen heard from him in a while
  10. why do you want to shrink it down to 12x12?? thats like microscopic
  11. yooo, the sidney ponson one is just SICK!, and the pic of sidney ponson on the right is hilarious, LAY OFF THE DONUTS. and also, dont you think youshould change the font where it says "sidney ponson" and "#43"
  12. looks good Karim, i really like your backgrounds of the stadum , and the transparent pics in the middle.
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