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  1. yeah 3.0 plus. I use a crack tho. So when I run the dynasty maker. I use the old exe to run it then copy my crack back when I play regularly.
  2. I seemed to install everything the right way and it seemed to work for awhile then in my 4th game in my Angel dynasty it crashes in game whenever I seem to check my lineup card/ bullpen. These are the steps I followed. Installed MVP 2005 Installed Patch #2 for MVP 2005 Installed MVP 07 mod Installed 07PATCH #2 THen installed MAY model update. Then copied KG roster 3.0 dat files into data-> database folder Created dynasty thru 07maker. Was this the right process?
  3. My game keeps crashing in the dynasty mode. I did fresh install..patch 5...and then mvp 07 mod install. Then I install the latest KG plus rosters with the updated facial hair, unis with the installer thingy. I dont know why this is happening, I would greatly appreciate it if some1 could point me in the right direction. THanks
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