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  1. Diving, PS4 Controller

    Hello all, After quite a lot of time trying to get the game installed on windows 10...I bailed and got it working with windows xp on a virtual box setup. The only controller that I could get to initialize was my ps4 controller plugged in via usb. My xbox one and 360 controllers wouldn't load/install proper drivers. Either way, the game recognizes the ps4 controller as a "wireless controller" and I have the issue with my outfielders constantly diving or jumping. I've tried numerous controller configs but I haven't found one that fixes this issue. I am asking a friend to borrow a wired 360 controller...but in the meantime I was hoping someone might be able to help. I would post the controller config, but it happens on so many of them that I can't imagine that would be too useful for troubleshooting. Thanks!