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    MVP Overlay Swapper 2.2 Changes in 2.2: 1. Added support for any image type for previe picture. Just edit the line imagetype=bmp in the settings file changing bmp to the file extension for the image type you use (i.e. bmp,jpg,png,etc...) Changes in 2.1.2702: 1. Added a menu item to run MVP Baseball from the swapper Changes in 2.1.2702: 1. Created an installer 2. Fixed the error where the swapper doesn't run the first time after installation. The error was generated if there were no overlays in the overlays directory. Program now checks this on startup. Changes in 2.0.1: The
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    The two files are the original overlay swapper and the 1.1 update. You must run the setup.exe file in 3832_OverlaySwapper.zip before copying the updated executable in the other zip file over.
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