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  1. el_jefe061


    This picture might be workable.
  2. el_jefe061


    Can anyone make me a Rick Ankiel wallpaper? Pitcher or hitter, doesn't matter.
  3. I searched but I couldn't find an answer because there were too many matches, so I'll ask here. It's a very basic question. Can you get 2X jerseys for Xbox?
  4. No MLB pitcher is going to throw a pitch with his finger up. There's no way, unless you can show me a picture of them doing this, you're completely wrong. You can also quit being a condescending cocksucker. Last time I checked, he's just started using it more now. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of pitchers who have experimented for a while, just because you throw a changeup during BP doesn't mean you've been throwing it for years.
  5. Griffey is going to start the season in Right Field if he's ready by opening day. Also, Schill now throws a changeup. According the the Red Sox site, the pitch's movement went away from left handers. To the person who posted the pictures of the beginner's curve, no major league pitcher would ever use that as the finger would be the ultimate tip.
  6. I have a suggestion, make Matsuzaka's delivery Ishii, not Seo.
  7. el_jefe061


    My signature is a deliberate whoring of the fact that I'm trying to get a FREE XBOX 360!!! through one of those FREE XBOX 360 referral programs.
  8. Huntington Avenue Grounds, original home of the Boston Red Sox. http://www.ballparks.com/baseball/american/huntin.htm
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