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  1. wow amazing.... more screen shots please....
  2. GReat work spungo. your unis are so realistic... please keep up the good.. P.S. is there a chance that you will be doing a atl braves total uni set? hint hint hint...
  3. thespungo great work as always... i notice you release the al central update.. will you be releasing each division or just the al central?
  4. 901 downloads

    This updates contains some alternate jersey for the Washington Nationals. Three to be exact. Two home and one road jersey. Also I took a shot at replacing the Expos logos with the Washington Nationals one.. This the first update to correct the logos. Their not perfect but, I'm working on them. so please be patience. Overall I hope that you enjoy this update and much as I did making it. This is an update from the previous fiel. It includes the readme file and .bmp file to use w/ FUZZ studio form manual imports. In the readme file I try to explain exactly what I'd tried to do with this update. I have included the l027.fsh file in this download. When time permits i'll go back document every step I've done for this update.
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