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  1. I hope this gets done but could someone make a custom stadium for me? I'll give you as much info as I can: It's not a regular ballpark it's a high school type field http://www.flickr.com/photos/63006068@N00/2408905758/ Name of field: Soldiers Field Location: Douglas, MA (for weather purposes) Dimensions Left Field: 337' Center Field: 394' Power Alley: 400'(the area that pushes further back than center field) Right Center: 321' Right Field: 257' Wall Height: 8' all around Wall Color: Green Field: Grass The scoreboard is located in right field The background is no big deal just using Spring Training 3 or just the create-a-field base as a background is good enough for me. As I'm trying to be at least accurate in that there was no little league field there in 1946. I'm requesting this for a school project about Douglas Baseball History and I was hoping to recreate the 1946 game between the Red Sox & the Yankees that took place there. I already got the uniforms & rosters though so I don't need help there. Thank you very much to the person who does this for me.
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