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  1. I'm still getting the same problems. I tried optimizing rosters and everything. Has anybody figured out what minor league team/starting lineup isn't filled yet?
  2. Hey y'all, long time, no see. Hope you guys have been well. I'm back because...it's opening day! I reinstalled my copy of MVP 2005 today and installed MVP 2012...everything seemed to work well. I started a dynasty and simmed through 3 months, nothing was breaking, all was good. Then I installed tugofca's MVP Roster 2013 and started a new dynasty. It crashed after simming through the first game (the transition on April 11th to April 12th). Any thoughts? I tried another roster and got the same problem. Ultimately, if I have to play with 2012 rosters, not a massive deal, but I would love to be playing with Justin Upton at the Ted (I have moved in my time since last playing MVP and 'switched allegiances'). Also, I am on Windows 7 Ultimate if that makes a difference. I swear I used to play on Win7 and not have problems.
  3. So your suggestion would be go to into MVPEdit and delete/add them a player?
  4. The thing is - my minor league teams had already played 2-3 games so I just don't get it. Maybe I'll try a fresh install without MLB 07/08 (whichever one I had) and just install rosters/cyberfaces/portraits with a clean 2005 install.
  5. So turns out I had a minor league team that had a "null" player in at one position. I just optimized the lineups and checked all 4 lineups and everything seemed fixed - the rosters were set! However, it still crashes. If it makes any difference, when I try to play the game instead of quick simming, it crashes after I click advance on the SELECT A STARTING PITCHER screen (right before starting lineup).
  6. But it has to be a problem with rosters right? After running on default rosters (MVP 07 KG auto-installer installed), I simmed 2 straight months with no problems (and I assume I wouldn't have run into any had I gone further). What can cause a quick sim to crash?
  7. Are there any cyberface/roster pairings that are compatible? I'm 6 days in a new one now (with freshly installed roster/cyberfaces) and I'm running into trouble with simming a minor league game.
  8. Alright, I've determined that it's something with the roster. I start a season w/ default MVP 07 rosters (KG) and I can get through the 3rd day perfectly, but with Grmrprs 2011 Rosters, it won't get by the 3rd day. Any reasoning behind this?
  9. Hey guys, kind of running into an unexcusable crash here. I have a perfectly legit copy of MVP Baseball 2005. I start a dynasty and on the third day after clicking "Play Today's Games", with the load-bar in the same spot every time, it locks up. However, I can start a new dynasty with the same exact team and get past that part. Obviously one potential solution is to just ignore it and start a new dynasty, but I'd rather not have to start a new dynasty on top of that after it locks after a month of play (instead of 3 games in). Any reasoning for this? I'm still playing the Phillies at CBP and I've already played them twice successfully.
  10. RdSoxFan618

    Mvp 08

    I'm running into the same issue of not being able to download TiT! Can anybody send it to me or something along those lines? I had an EAMods.com account 3 years ago but I don't think it's working anymore. EDIT: After more searching, a link is HERE - http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=45110&view=findpost&p=595718
  11. If the Hartford Whalers are modded in (which it appears they are), I'm sold.
  12. You think there's anyway to fix this or should I continue in full screen?
  13. Funny, I was just about to post how crap our local minor league stadium is right after I saw that other minor league park above. It's such a crappy stadium. The freakin' independent league baseball team's (Bridgeport Bluefish) stadium is nicer. And this stadium is actually so nice, if somebody wanted to do it, please, feel free. There's a painting of it. Even though the surroundings isn't pretty, it's actually quite a nice place to go to a game...and then there's the arena just past left field. That place is gorgeous. I would make a stadium if I knew how...but I'm afraid that I just do not and I hear it's difficult to learn.
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