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    I'm running into the same issue of not being able to download TiT! Can anybody send it to me or something along those lines? I had an EAMods.com account 3 years ago but I don't think it's working anymore. EDIT: After more searching, a link is HERE - http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=45110&view=findpost&p=595718
  2. If the Hartford Whalers are modded in (which it appears they are), I'm sold.
  3. You think there's anyway to fix this or should I continue in full screen?
  4. There's no way to auto-run this program after a game, right? Just in case you forget?
  5. I don't really enjoy watching wrestling, but I must admit, the game: Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 for PS2 was one of the greatest games I've ever played. The only flaw was that it was ridiculously easy.
  6. RdSoxFan618


    You can click it for a bigger image. It's a little blurry (esp. the logo in the bg) but it's better than the rolling hills default background.
  7. What pic named 10a? There is none named 10a.
  8. OK, I just did it, but I'm not sure if I did it correctly. I'm pretty sure I did though. My jersey still isn't in the game. Here's some screenies of my folders. Any color loss is because I named all these screen shots in the 'gif' file type. I did everything exactly like you said.
  9. One thing that's weird, you know how on the readme: When prompted: Press '1' if you want neojonas's layout (expanded box score), or press anything else for krawhitham's layout (ESPN box score) ----------------------------------------- At the next prompt: Press 'x' or 'X' if this is an exhibition game (Season stats will not be shown) Then you get to type in your filename. (Files will go in the Exhibition folder) Press 'h' or 'H' if you want to name the file after your home team. (If the home team is the Detroit Tigers, and this is their 16th game of the season, the filename will be DET16.htm and will be in the DET folder) Press anything else if you want to name the file after your home team. (If the away team is the Chicago White Sox, and this is their 22nd game of the season, the filename will be CWS22.htm and will be in the CWS folder) I don't get that prompt, the cmd screen pops up, stays up for one second, then disappears. Does it do this for all?
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