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  1. Sorry guys this is my first time doing this with new rosters. I have two sets of rosters, the default and the 2015. I loaded the 2015 rosters, exited the roster area. Started a new dynasty but only saw the 2015 players in the fantasy draft. Also I cannot create a new player for Katie Roy, says that I have already created 25 players. Im guessing by the answer above it is possible but I havent been able to duplicate it. Thanks for any help
  2. But there is no way to merge all these players, 2005 original roster file and my new 2015 roster file? and get the unlockables from Katie roy code.
  3. I have a PS2 and MVP 2005. I have a 2015 roster file on a memory card. Couple of questions 1) Can I merge all the 2005 roster players with the 2015 players in a Dynasty 2) I try to do Katie Roy for the unlockables and older players. Can I do this in a 2015 roster file, everytime I do it it defaults me back to 2005 file in the Dynasty, when i create Katie Roy. Btw, I also have an non modded Xbox but only original rosters, maybe there is an easier way with this. Thanks
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