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  1. Just curious does anyone have any "theories", thoughts or knowledge on: I found thru google that on EA Support, an official EA representative told a customer who had a question about MVP 05 that they no longer offer support for the game and redirected him to mvpmods, so EA, atleast the support team, has knowledge of mvpmods... so seeing the popularity of the game still ... do you think EA will ever rerelease MVP 05? Since they no longer have the liscensing deals for MLB can they even legally rerelease it despite it owning the game? of course Madden is such a big focus for EA's sports genre its unlikely they will shift any of their resources, but if consecutively Madden sales do not meet expectations perhaps they will try to buy a deal with MLB to make a new official MVP game? or would that take too much of a budget and not be worth the risk on their part? Just random questions I had in mind and was curious if yall had opinions on it
  2. haha no your good my friend! Im glad to hear you got a legit copy, I read that someone on ebay was selling cds of a pirate version called "hoodlum" or something not exactly too sure, didn't understand it, but despite my previous hesitation to buy a copy due to price, that got me even more hesitant. Is there a way for me to question listers to make sure its legit or do I simply just gotta take the risk? Anyhow if Jim825 can run it on his HP Windows 7 from four years ago, then feel mine can probably run it just as good. I asked my computer geek friend about playing games and he says theres lots of various little "tricks" to play games on laptops when graphics card is soldered into laptop, such as going thru the bios changing memory to video ram etc. Again not sure what he was talking about, but with all that said and done feel confident in getting the game knowing it will work. Hopefully if some visitor sees these posts and has same questions he will have them answered and be confident enough to get the game as well....BUT not until I get it first haha
  3. haha junky got the one I was following then. I been following ebay and amazon waiting for one to go unnoticed in hopes of snatching it cheap. Im waiting patiently, but admit willpower to hold out is getting worse so may just ignore my banking statement from Christmas and splurge soon! haha On another note, after reading this thread checked out the two top threads on MVP 05 with Windows 7 which is what I got. Id just like to reiterate if its okay after reading those threads, MVP 05 will work on my Windows 7 laptop? Its a laptop so don't feel its "super advanced" but is a good Lenovo that has worked well with games like Empire Total War and its American Civil War mod so figure it would work good with MVP. I don't want to bore or annoy anyone with specifics so if there is another page yall rather direct me too am okay with that, but appreciate yalls help! Hope all is well with yall!
  4. I appreciate the responses guys. If thats the case then I will just bookmark ebay, amazon, and this forums and wait it out checking to see if anyone sells reasonably. Again thanks for the replies as well as any contributions yall have done to the game, videos I have seen of it look amazing. Have a great new years! Lane
  5. Howdy, I grew up playing MVP 05 on the ps2 with my brother, was hands down the best game with the Cooperstown players and fields. I loaned it to a friend on my team and never saw it again. Recently googled the game and saw the amazing mods yall make for it on PC and having watched the Ken Burns Baseball documentaries loved the old nostalgia baseball and how its changed throughout the years. I am aware I will be told if I think the game is amazing I should be willing to pay the 100 dollars, and I don't deny if I wasn't in college at A&M, yes the school who can't keep a quarterback, over 6 transfers now in 4 years, I would definitely be willing, but after buying gifts for family etc. cannot splurge that big. So if this is not the correct forum would appreciate being directed to the forum for "buy/sell" because if anyone has a copy they would be willing to sell I'd love to hear your offer, as well as is it one of those games that you can install on your computer and no longer need the disk? As to surprise my brother who was the person that got me into baseball would love to put it on his computer too. Hope yall had a good Christmas! -Lane
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