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  1. happyfish314

    All my players are teenagers!

    Thank you! I knew I had heard somebody talking about a fix when wander around before, but I didn't know what it was called. Thank you!
  2. I realize this is probably because the game still thinks that it's 2005. How do I get Yordono Ventura out of Pull-Ups? This is using the "standard" (most popular MVP 15 patch from May. Edit: I imported the list into MVPEdit, but there they list the correct age. Edit edit: If this doesn't affect player development I don't care.
  3. happyfish314

    Help with Roster

    So which facepack is the most complete? Or are there a bunch of little ones running around I have to put in separately? Thanks for the help! I'm so happy you guys take the time to keep my favorite baseball game up to date!!